Our mission

To build and nurture sustainable relationships with business partners and audiences in China
by establishing and cultivating culturally sensitive ways of communication.

A Message from the Founder & CEO

“The world is flat!” Since I have read this book by Thomas Friedman during my college years, it has cultivated a seed in my mind to explore how it would be to live on a “flat” planet. As the globalization is enhancing day by day and wisdom, knowledge, information, technology can all be shared and evaluated through various platforms and methods, truly, the world is becoming smaller. Therefore, how people from different cultural backgrounds endeavor to communicate with each other becomes crucial. We all know it: It is not about what you say, it is about how you say it! To communicate effectively with different cultural backgrounds so as to be able to deliver the message precisely plays the vital role in order to achieve harmony and win-win results. 

With this win-win mentality in mind, I decided to use my expertise to help people, and so I started my company with N.O.W. International. Through cultured & tailored communication strategies, I have helped many businesses and people to achieve their goals and successes in the business world or personal lives.

I am an advocate of cultural diversity, believing that effective communication is the key to everything in life both professionally and personally. I am a passionate professional who is experienced in converting challenging cross-cultural situations into financially successful outcomes. I have the cultural fluidity to work as an effective bridge between the Western and Eastern cultures in business practices. I am here to offer my assistance to help you to achieve yours as well.

At N.O.W. International, we custom-tailor communication strategies for you; we assist you with effectively delivering what you intend to communicate with no twisted misunderstanding or confusion; we provide you with insightful expertise beyond the message on the superficial level but go in-depth to guide you through the cultural differences and help you to read between the lines; we explain precisely how and why it works case by case and even help you to compare the results.

Effective communication is the key to life and beyond, allowing me to contribute a part of your journey to success. N.O.W. focuses on the present moment, because this moment matters. So let’s get started with the new opportunity to who you want to communicate to. Because it’s  N.O.W. or never…  

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