What we Offer

We are a consulting service company mainly focusing on effective communication between western companies/individuals and Chinese audiences/business partners.

We are client/project based, and our services include:


Effective cross-cultural communication,


Sustainable cross-cultural relationships,


Results-oriented cultural guidance,


Culturally sensitive targeted dialogs,


Financially rewarding cross-cultural solutions.


Design and implementation of custom-tailored and culturally sensitive brand and marketing strategies,


Adaptation of local messaging in accordance with global corporate identity (CI)/corporate design (CD) standards.

China Market Development

Provide marketing strategy support for entering the Chinese market, considering the cultural specificities, value sets, ways of communication, effective methods of content marketing and media marketing etc. Design and organize events for different purposes to create added value. Identify & recruit high-level stakeholders for networking events.

Business Negotiations

Provide strategic solutions for business negotiations in China and insightful behind-the-scenes information. Advise on DOs & DON’Ts to favor your outcome.

Cultural Marketing Communication

Establish effective ways of communication between cultures, identify the communication content based on the specific business situation and timing. Help to choose the right themes, messages, wording, tonality, visuals, ambassadors and channels for marketing campaigns.

One-on-one or Group Cross-cultural Training for Expats

Provide informative training for expats who are not familiar with the Chinese environment, to help them understand the culture, develop stronger and more effective communication skills in the Chinese culture to facilitate their work and/or personal life.

Industries Served

IT | Pharmaceutical | Fashion | Food & Beverage | Logistics | Transportation Equipment |
Health Care | Consumer Electronics | Filming & Entertainment | Education |
Hospitality | Luxury Goods | Industrial Machinery