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N.O.W. attends Forum promoting South-South Cooperation

On April 20, in conjunction with the Shanghai Pujiang Forum the Opening Ceremony of the Shanghai Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs South-South Cooperation Promotion Association was held at Shanghai Kangqiao Advanced Manufacturing Technology Pioneer Park in the Zhangjiang High-Tech District.

Hosted by Hong Yongqing, former science and technology counselor and Chinese ambassador to Hungary, the conference was attended by numerous domestic and foreign dignitaries, including top-rank government officials, diplomats and business executives.

N.O.W. International had the honor to be among the distinguished guests. As a bridge of cultures and an expert in cross-cultural communication, we are a natural partner in supporting the commercial exchange between Chinese and foreign cultures.

The South-South cooperation encourages economic and technical collaboration among developing countries mostly from the southern hemisphere. Drawing on their common historical experience before and after independence, the countries of the South-South cooperation seek to promote self-reliance and progress by ensuring an effective integration and participation in the world economy. The initiative is committed to strengthening infrastructure construction, energy, environmental protection, the development of small to medium-sized enterprises, human resources development as well as exchange and cooperation in the field of health, education and other industries.

Committed to international multilateral cooperation and development, the Association for the Promotion of South-South Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China is a national, non-profit and joint social organization established in 2014. The purpose of the association is to cooperate with the national "One Belt, One Road" strategy, helping Chinese enterprises "go global", carry out foreign investments and project cooperation, and provide partnering, consulting and other services. "One Belt, One Road" encourages emerging markets and developed countries to work together and to realize the organic combination of South-South cooperation and North-South cooperation. The scope of cooperation has expanded from the economic and technological fields ofthe past to exchanges of ideas on major international issues and mutual support in the process of global governance

The international community has attached great importance to South-South cooperation at the political level for many years, but effective communication channels and cooperation mechanisms are still lacking at the level of substantive economic cooperation. Practice has shown that only "down-to-earth" cross-cultural communication is effective for successful high-level cooperation. Because of differences in values, belief systems and customs in the process of communication, information may be misunderstood between people from different cultural backgrounds. Unless properly “decoded”, the information may be misinterpreted and result in wrong conclusions and decisions.

Therefore, two-way communication is required for the proper interpretation of information from different cultural backgrounds. In two-way communication, both parties are involved in the process of “encoding” and “decoding”, and the feedback from the results of two-way communication helps to clarify the intentions of both parties. Through two-way communication and feedback, truly effective cross-cultural communication is created by establishing good rapport and avoiding communication problems early in the process.

As an experienced expert in the field of cross-cultural communication, N.O.W. International helps all parties to reach common ground in cross-cultural communication. We help to make the values of each side transparent, foster mutual understanding and pursue win-win as the ultimate goal. Based on tolerance of different cultural backgrounds, attitudes and values, we help to set standards and guidance on the path for the development of the common interests of all parties.

"South-South Cooperation" and "One Belt, One Road" provide an important stage and platform for N.O.W. International. In the spirit of these initiatives, we are ready to make our contribution to developing and expanding ties between China and foreign partners from the North and South.